Monday, October 22, 2007

"I Love A Piano"

Yesterday was spent in Queens and Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. I wonder why it's called Sheepshead Bay? It probably looks like a Sheep's Head. Note to Self: look at it on a map. I've never been to that part of Brooklyn before.

My stepmother and a lady friend of hers were going to see a Sunday Matinee performance of a show comprised of Irving Berlin songs over at Brooklyn College and so I came along.

The show was like very good dinner theater. Not the kind of performing I'm used to: heavily miked, occasional hamminess and a few rough patches of singing. Wait a minute, I watch American Idol, what am I talking about-- of couse I'm used to that kind of performing! There was one performer I thought was excellent, he reminded me of a young Fred Astaire: Mark Baratelli. I immediately got an itsy-bitsy crush on him. I'm kind of desperate here out in No-Gay Mans'-Land! The average age of the audience at Brooklyn College was 65-70 or so. I thought: this is my future (if I'm lucky). Except I'll be going to see some musical based on the songs of Donna Summer or somebody.

My stepmother's friend Anita was a character, but then so are we all. She was very sweet. I met her kitties Lucia and Marcello and she showed me some amazing snapshots of her from when she was young-- there was one where she looked like she was right out of "Valley of the Dolls." We spent around an hour in the first part of the day in a beauty salon while she was finishing getting her hair done. Oy Oy Oy!

Today is more fun in Queens and Nassau County. We are going to see the film "Into The Wild," which I am looking forward to. Ellie and I are getting along very well, which I am extremely grateful for.

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Blogger Morgan Fox Studio said...

hi albert,
sounds like you're having a marvalous time in the big apple (why an apple i wonder, LOL). i heard the movie "Into the Wild" was fantastic. i want to catch that one myself.

visting with family is always stressful, especially because you try & play catchup in such a short period of time.

can't wait to see your pics. enjoy your visit & be safe :)


11:43 PM  

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