Wednesday, October 24, 2007

NYC/ Queens/ Long Island Tour #1

I'm baacckkk! Home Sweet Home. Emotional/Sensory overload! Yesterday morning I was roaming the sidewalks of my childhood neighborhood in Flushing, NY, and this morning I am back in my adult home in 'Frisco, thanks to the modern miracle of airplane travel. (Spaceship travel coming: when?)

This trip was mostly about Dad, Stepmom and Mom, so I start off with a photo of Dad's grave...

Still workin' out issues of file size with Blogger. Original shot is in good focus; I'm not sure how this reduced version will look. I need to explore some photo-sharing options.

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Blogger Phinney said...

The photo looks okay to me...
Is your father buried in Flushing where you grew up? Did your parents grow up there, too? Kind of got me to wondering where you/they came from.

xo Phinney

10:04 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

Thank you for sharing the 2 pictures with us, Grove. They look fine to me, too...not blurry at all.

~~Aunt Nub~~

4:19 PM  

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