Thursday, April 26, 2007

Insomnia... hmmm...

Did my brain just flip a switch from depression to hypomania? The trials and tribulations of Bipolar 1. I got maybe four hours of sleep last night. Up at 3:30am-ish. No wonder I'm blogging furiously-- this is the energy I had when I first started blogging at AO-Hell.

My painting class is this morning, then a break, then therapy, then a little support group I go to, then a meeting with a friend to go over a P.T. job application I'm working on. I think that the P.T. job thing may be causing me stress. Just a guess. I've got to be gentle with myself. I could skip the class, but I hate to do that. My mantra in class is always: "Just smush paint on canvas." In other words: low expectations. I think this is manageable.

I've been living with BP for a long time now-- I truly do know how to manage it. Relatively stable. No hospitalizations or even near-hospitalizations for years. But the symptoms still are there and they still suck. After a night like last night, I need a day to just lay low and recuperate, or else the hypomania can escalate.

Above: Ballet Drawing from my sketchpad. Yuan Yuan Tan & Tiit Helmets, San Francisco Ballet, in Swan Lake.

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Blogger Phinney said...

what a sweet sketch!

loving it.


*not glittery today here...*

4:53 PM  

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