Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Watteau Landscape, and BBBLLLAAAKKKEEE!!!

I'm working on a landscape assignment in painting class-- loosely based on a painting, Pilgrimage to Cythera, by one of my favorite Rococco painters, Jean-Antoine Watteau. He often painted society people enjoying the pastoral countryside while being feted by commedia dell'arte performers and musicians. Here's a pic of my painting in progress; there's a couple under tree and statue of Venus on pedestal still to be worked on, blank right now. I'm enjoying some luscious greens, umbers, turquoise-y yellows, inspired by the source painting I'm looking at.

Tonight I am going to the ballet with my balletomane friends to see Don Quixote, looking forward to that.

RE:Ality TV Korner: I am trying not to obsess over a certain American Idol contestant...!

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Wishing you a very bright & sunny BIRTHDAY today dear Albert ! ! !

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