Saturday, October 27, 2007

NYC/ Queens/ L.I. Tour #3: New York Songlines

On the first day of my trip I was able to head into Manhattan, as my stepmother had prior plans. This is the first photo I took-- after stepping out onto the teeming sidewalks in the middle of morning rush hour, around 8:45am. (I was trying to get to the Metropolitan Museum right when it opened at 9:30am). Being on NY streets after about six years away was stressful. 'Frisco is a much smaller town with fewer people. I could barely get across the masses to get out of an exit at Penn Station.

I thought this was a very cool sculpture (click on it to see details). For a split second I thought it was a live dude, bronzed up to look like a sculpture; there are street performers who do that. (Whoa! Maybe that's how I can make some extra $$$!!!) I was so dazed when I took the photo that I didn't write down the title or artist's name-- however, thanks to the miracle of the Internets, I've been able to look it up off of this great website I found called New York Songlines, which describes itself as having virtual walking tours of Manhattan streets-- check it out!

Here's some info on the sculpture, it's in front of the following hotel on 34th Street:

Affinia Dumont
150: Hotel built 1986 as the Dumont Plaza; includes the Spafumerie and Le Petit Spa. The statue of the artist out front is The Right Light, by J. Seward Johnson Jr.; he's painting a copy of the mural across the plaza, which was put up by Lillian Kennedy in 1988.

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Blogger Robbie said...

I think Penn Station is where I'll catch a train to Philly next month. Maybe I can get to see this sculpture first hand. I love the Songlines link! Thanks!

Getting to read and see your stuff is getting me ultra excited about my trip. Keep it coming!

10:21 AM  
Blogger sunflowerkat said...

Manhattan can be mad! And you picked the craziest time to get through the station. It isn't called "rush hour" for nothing.

I'm going to check out Songlines!

2:23 PM  

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