Sunday, June 10, 2007

Can't Breathe, but Look Fabulous...

Opening of Rosenkavalier was last night, yay. It went well. Audience very responsive. It's a great cast of really good singers.
Mr. Mike Harvey has taken some awesome photos of us supers that I will be sharing here... this is my very favorite so far-- my policeman's getup in Act III.

I had three square meals yesterday and then tried to fit into my costumes; it was more difficult than on previous days when the dress rehearsals were in the afternoon. I think I need to hit the supermarket salad aisle for the month of June!

I wish I could look this butch in my everyday life!

Click on pic to see me in all my magnificence!



Blogger Patti said...

you look FAAABULOUS!!!! that's supposed to sound like a snooty rich person, LOL. sounds like you're having a wonderful time. you certainly look the part, that's for sure:)


12:25 PM  

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