Monday, August 06, 2007

A Potential Commission!!!
:-O !!!

Hope I'm not jinxing this, but last Thursday I showed my recent artwork to a person in my life who has been functioning as one of my creative/professional mentors and this person then asked me if I'd do a piece of artwork for his business! More details to come.

He responded best to my Expressive Psychodrama work, like this piece here (entitled "Today's Angst," seen here avec my toesies and yellow flip-flops; click to enlarge). This has been one of my big concerns: I've been under the untested belief for a long time that the only person who would "get" this type of work is my therapist.

Maybe I am indeed turning Pro!

In non-Art related newz, I saw Rufus Wainwright in concert this weekend-- a concert date which was part of his "Release the Stars" tour; he did some kick-ass Judy Garland tributes as well. He was amazing and fabulously gay and glittery. If you're not familiar with his music, download it immediately: I command you!

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Blogger Patti said...

you've got it albert!!! you're finally a PRO... and so am I, lol. DO, DO, DO that's all that counts. the rest will come. without the "doing" there is no '"rest of" so keep DOING!!!!

best of luck dahlink.... you rock!!


8:18 AM  
Blogger Wil said...

Congrats on the potential commission. Sorry I'm so poor or I'd have done the same.

I think you sell your potential audience far too short. Note the near universal (in the Western world, anyway)love of Van Gogh and Munch's works. That's your audience, dearie. Dig deep and share some of that psych shite with us admirers.

Command all you want - much more than a half hour of Rufus and I am in need a stiff drink and a doobie -- and I do neither.

10:46 AM  

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