Monday, October 29, 2007

NYC/ Queens/ L.I. Tour #5-- Scribbling Can Be Art!

Today's blogging action can be found at GlinkArt4Sale, which is just one handy-dandy click away!


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Blogger Morgan Fox Studio said...

hi albert,
so glad you had a nice trip to NY. i've only been there once in my life, a field trip in the 6th grade, LOL. saw the googenheim (sp?) museum which was cool. most of the trip was spent ON the bus and one of the kids, being a smart ass, made a comment driving thru harlem & we got a brick through the windshield. end of trip, LOL. oh well.... you must be glad to be back though... i LOVE frisco (my sis lives out there )


7:26 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

{{{{Grove}}}} Love the artwork (yes, scribbles can be art) on the other blog! Still waiting, however, to see my smiling New Yawk face here......wanna see how it turned out. LOL

~~Aunt Nub~~

4:04 PM  

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