Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Such Treasures!

I just saved my old AOL journal onto Blogger. It's private, since I used to have no boundaries. Ahh, memories! Anyway, here's one of many gems: a wonderful little prose piece by some favorite homo artists of mine, Gilbert and George:

"We would honestly like to say to you, Art, how happy we are to be your sculptors. We think about you all the time and feel very sentimental about you. We do realize that you are what we really crave for and many times we meet you in our dreams. We have glimpsed you through the abstract world and have tasted of your reality. One day we thought we saw you in a crowded street, you were dressed in a light brown suit, white shirt and a curious blue tie, you looked very smart but there was about your dress a curious worness and dryness. You were walking alone, light of step and in a very controlled sense. We were fascinated by the lightness of your face, your almost colourless eyes and your dusty-blonde hair. We approached you nervously and then just as we neared you, you went out of sight for a second and then we could not find you again. We felt sad and unlucky and at the same time happy and hopeful to see more of your reality." --Gilbert & George, 1970



Blogger sunflowerkat321 said...

I did the same thing, just ported the old blog over here and made it private. Seems appropriate to just start anew.

I'm glad we're back in the same neighborhood.

5:33 PM  

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