Friday, May 05, 2006

I got a nibble!

Thank you, SFMike for your interest in my humble l'il doodles...

What else can I sell??????

I am envisioning Madame G., traipsing around the City trailing torn multi-colored tulle, with her beglittered tin cup.

(I think I want to hook up with someone who owns a camcorder.)

I am envisioning Madame G. sitting in her local Starbucks with her many papers/memories... nursing that one small coffee for hours; she must sip through a straw, so as not to ruin her glitter lipstick...

God/ Goddess/ Universe/ Tao/ Spirit: I pray for knowledge of your Will for me, and the power to carry it out.

Hunger (imagined?) is making me slightly delirious, pardon the rambling!



Blogger Wil said...

I reworked that line above just a mite. Here's what you really fear:

"I am envisioning Madame G. sitting on the curb in front of her local Starbucks with all of her worldly goods in a shopping cart -- her snippets of unreadable papers/ her hardcopy memories of her blogs... nursing that one small coffee for hours, jerking up her droopy pantyhose; she must sip through a straw, so as not to ruin her glitter lipstick or the red star on her nose..."

3:53 PM  
Blogger Robbie said...

Anything for sale that is blue? Although, this picture might match the decor in my bathroom. :-) Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:31 AM  
Blogger sunflowerkat said...

I remember something you posted long ago that I just LOVED. Maybe you have it in your archives somewhere. I believe there was a chair in the image....does that ring a bell. I'd definately be interested.


11:35 AM  
Blogger Coy said...

How about an online auction of sorts. I remember one piece of yours I might have interest in, it was a man with a window in his throat. It inspired both my impression of ...

in yellow and the butterfly with a window in his throat you sent me, that I use as my signature in Rain.

You ... your art ... and your search to express yourself ... have inspired me greatly for a looooong time now.

Love ya Alb.
*** Coy ***

6:36 PM  
Blogger ArizonaAnne said...

YIKES, A belated Happy Birthday. I was in Tucson celebrating Isabella's first birthday. Here's an some photo's of through the eyes of Glinka. OR NOT! Grove, you definately have it going on.....just "shake" itup a bit! Golda

1:53 PM  
Blogger Writeprocrastinator said...

I'm telling you AlBG, custom birthday cards. The card you did for Anne's big-40 was fantastic.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Askinstoo said...

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2:37 PM  
Blogger Phinney said...

i'd like something with black. and a cat. but not necessarily a black cat. something with glitter, not a lot, but a touch. i will buy a piece of art from you. i am lucky to have some art you did in my deco-book and that is very precious to me!

i can't believe i've been so busy i've missed your BIRTHDAY!!! Well, yeah, i can. love you!! xoxoxo MANY HAPPY SPRINKLES OF BIRTHDAY-CAKE SCENTED GLITTER TO YOU !!!

1:24 PM  

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