Sunday, October 01, 2006

Rigoletto Opening

Rigoletto opened last night. Here I am in my sinister Abductor costume for Act II. Do I look sinister? I heart my Abductor cape. :-)

I didn't fall off the two-story ladder I have to climb up when I and my fellow abductor, the charming Simon Elliott-LehBon, abduct Gilda from her bedchamber.

I'm taking a break from doing these endless color charts for painting class. Warms to Cools, Warms to Warms, Cools to Cools. My patience is wearing thin and I feel like I'm breathing in hella-poisonous solvent!

I'm sure that Andy Warhol had way better ventilation at The Factory; either that, or all the drugs in the air maybe cancelled out any of the harmful effects of the silkscreening solvents he used...


Blogger Coy said...

OMG ... it's opera season, you're a sinister abductor (quite sinister, I might add) and I'm missing it all. Sure do miss the simple days when Alerts Artsy World was only one quirky AOL alert away.
I'll have to read on to find out more about these painting classes you're taking a break from, Unfortunately ... those endless color charts are way more important than we give them credit for.
Hope all is well Albert, and BTW ... I heart your cape too!
*** Coy ***

3:27 AM  
Blogger Wil said...

Truly sinister and rather imposing, too. Having fun with the role? Fallen off the ladder yet, old man?

3:50 AM  
Blogger sfmike said...

Did you spell Ms. Simon's name correctly (for some reason I'm sensing there's an extra "h" in there)? And though I can think of many interesting and exciting adjectives for S.E-L., "charming" is not one of the first ones that come to mind.

Hope you're having a great time in your cape.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Remo said...

Where is the justice? Audiences everywhere are foisted weak evil-doer's when we have a genuine bad-ass right in front of us. John Malkovic better not take a day off.

You are certainly the Dr. Pepper of the SF art scene: Greatly Misunderstood

8:21 AM  

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