Thursday, December 18, 2008

RE:Ality and Non-RE:Ality TV: Jumping the Shark and Jumping the Grande Jeté

It's that depressing time of year when several Re:Ality TV shows wrap up their seasons and RE:Ality TV Addicts have to wait until early January for new seasons to begin. (Bachelor and American Idol, f'rnstance!)

I have been a rabid fan of Survivor since Day One, but I have to say, I was pretty disgusted with this Gabon season. So many unlikeable contestants, headed up by the Horrid and desparately in need of Long-Term Therapy Corinne and the Alcoholic Curmudgeon and Dog-Fancier Randy. I had trouble deciding who to root for. The H.S. Teacher dude who won deserved it, but he was a bit crusty for my tastes. "Sugar" was cute, but that's about it. I liked the Video Gamer... what was his name again? I guess the fact that I can't remember sums up everything about the season for me. Ken. Just looked it up on TelevisionWithoutPity.

Corrine reminded me of myself a few years back, when I thought that being sarcastic and mean was "interesting" and that nice people were boring. Hopefully she'll grow up one day and realize how ugly her attitudes are and how much they hurt others and herself.

Moving on to Stylista, my other guilty pleasure these past few months... Johannna won. She seems like the editorial type. I spent a few days freelancing at magazines back in the day in NY and those offices are full of gals like that. I think that DeShaun's downfall was that he couldn't spell or copy-edit for shit, and that is an important job-skill at the entry level. This show may be a one-season wonder, I'm not sure, but I enjoyed it. I so want to be "ON TREND" these days myself! The bitchery on this show was hard to take at times too, but at least it was comical, and everyone in the Fashion Biz is kind of like that anyway.

Last but not least, I wonder if any of my loyal blog-readers caught the PBS Dance In America Broadcast last night of my beloved San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker? It was exciting to see so many of my fave dancers on TV, and I thought it was very well-filmed. I see The Nutcracker just about every year. What I enjoy the most, aside from the gorgeous music and dancing, is seeing the all little girls in the audience in their velvet frocks, white saggy tights and black patent leather maryjanes.... the dressed-up mommies and daddies are fun too.

Happy Holidays all y'all! Only four more days of Retail Hell for me until my break next week, wooohoo!

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Blogger Sydney said...

Hi Al/G - I loved this post. I know you are totally missed at Jackie's because you had some of the best comments/observations. We did a pool this year, where everyone's names were matched with a Survivor randomly. I had Chrystal, and at first was psyched to have an Olympic medalist (with green eyes to boot), but she ended up being very hard to root for.

And that Corrinne... it's really hard to believe that there are people who have absolutely no self consciousness about being like that in public.

I will mark my calednar for the day you are free from work to enjoy your ho-ho holiday!

9:14 AM  
Blogger sizzie said...

Sydney said to come look and I am glad I did. I, too, went through a decade or two of Corrine-like snarkiness. I think I was wittier about it than she, though. At least I was in my own mind. Cranky guy was too much for me. Maybe he added balance. He said that people either got him or didn't. I disagree. I got him and still didn't like him.

Did you hear Kenny the gamer compare himself to a rat? I don't think I have ever heard someone say that about themselves and be pleased. Maybe it was a nice rat he was thinking about.

Thanks for the good read. I'll check in again.

12:27 PM  
Blogger Remo said...

I greatly enjoy the "kinder-gentler" blogger present today but I sorta miss the biting snarkiness of those old days.

Merry Christmas my friend!

8:57 PM  
Blogger Sydney said...

Al, any chance I could be "invited" to your blog of old AOl posts? No worries if that's off limits. DOn't know til I ask. :-)

10:55 PM  
Blogger Mrs. L said...

A couple more people here and we could have an AOL quorum.

As for the reality fix -- Stylista made Ugly Betty seem like a Saturday morning kids show and for one scary moment I thought Sue might win Survivor. I liked the cute guy with the good hair who couldn't start a fire.

11:58 AM  

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