Thursday, July 16, 2009

Change Is Good

I got this book out of the library last week and I've been meditating each morning on these cool modern mandalas that are in it. I'm finding it easier to focus on something visual than what I've done before, which is staring at a candle or at nothing in particular, or eyes closed. I was riding the bus home after work last night and it was chaotic and crowded as usual (is all the drama REALLY necessary, people?!?), but I was able to summon up that morning's mandala and I felt some serenity!

I'm also on a MAJOR de-cluttering/cleaning kick in my apartment right now. My clutter is *contained* somewhat, but it still feels oppressive to me. If I were to post a pic or two, you might be shocked. It's artsy clutter, but it's clutter all the same. I think that this is a problem that many other Americans are dealing with in our consumer/disposable economy. Hence, all the books and Oprah shows about it.

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Blogger Sydney said...

aaah, this is always a good impulse. It does not come very often, so make all the progress you can. It's VERY healing, not to mention that it makes you feel lighter, unburdened, very together and damn proud of yourself...

Can you lend me somma that? Maybe the moments of stillness you get from staring down those colorful pictures is part of it?

11:40 AM  
Blogger Sydney said...

Went back and looked at those Mandalas again. REally, they're beautiful. And with an artistic eye like yours I can see how they'd do the trick, especially in those special "city moments" going on all around you.

Funny. SF is supposed to be all laid back, ex-hippie, tree hugging wine connoisseurs/boaters/cyclists compared to NYC and yet, drama is to be found on city busses everywhere!

11:45 AM  

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