Saturday, September 08, 2007

Latest Drawing, plus Opera Newz

Here it is, finished yesterday. A bit illustration-y. :-/ I was trying to do something with more of an actual pictorial landscape. This lounging clown sniffing a flower was inspired by one of my favorite scenes in Samson et Dalila, where the Philistine Princesses come out and lounge lasciviously on some stairs, thanking the Hebrews for coming along and conquering them--thereby setting up Delila's subsequent betrayal of Samson and his ultimate downfall.

The opera opened last night as the season's Opening Night Gala performance: it was great fun and all went well. Society ladies in their couture ballgowns with their tight shiny faces and their fancy coiffures promenaded in the lobby. The actual performance is a low priority for them compared to seeing and being seen (and photographed!). Little Albie from Queens, NY didn't know where to look first!

An unexpected perk: we got some tasty catered food and dessert in the basement canteen. Yay, we like free food!

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Blogger Robbie said...

I like it.

We, being me, love free 'catered' food too.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Patti said...

congrats. on the pic. Albert. your artwork is improving in leaps & bounds!!! i should try doing the same thing you are... perhaps i'd get somewhere with my own artwork!!


11:41 PM  

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