Monday, September 03, 2007

More Abundance

Opera and Art are my twin passions in Life. I've finally figured that out! However, I fear that being an opera supernumerary is distracting me from my progress as an artist. This is a limiting train of thought, Grove/Albert!! I have to remind myself that there are artists who end up designing opera sets and costumes. Opera is an extremely visual art form-- which is one reason I love being in the productions.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in an Orchestra rehearsal of Samson et Dalila, listening to the wonderful Olga Borodina singing the role of Dalila... I wanted to be there but felt guilty for not being at home painting. (I stuck around for all three acts, even though I'm only in Act I.) I'm planning on putting in some hours painting today. I hope that my Muse is satisfied with that compromise.

ANYWAY, here's a first camera-phone pic of me as Unoffical Head Acolyte in the opera. Without the mushroom/flying saucer hat I look a bit like Jesus Christ Superstar. Um, btw, the beard is fake in case anyone was wondering, but that's my actual 'stache, grown in since Der Rosenkavalier.

Also, note the bling! The costume shop calls that necklace a "jewel box." I'm a Phillistine Acolyte and the Phillistines are all extra-glitzy and colorful and Pagan-y. The Hebrews are much more understated.

Happy Labor Day, all y'all... Grill a weiner for me!

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Blogger Robbie said...

I think it is the book The Artist's Way that says you have to have Artist dates in order to keep your muse refreshed. Consider the time you spend doing Opera stuff as opportunities to feed your muse.

9:23 AM  
Blogger Sydney said...

Well said Robbie-- I was going to say something like: consider it as filling the well... if this is a place you find beauty or your soul feels good, it is surely not time wasted in terms of your art.

I understand though, that maybe you thought it was in opposition to your goal of doing X hours a day drawing/painting. Trying to get in a diciplined groove is a serious goal for some artists as well.

But sitting thru all the acts listening seems more like it fed you. A lovely way to spend today.

8:47 PM  
Blogger sfmike said...

My problem with "Samson and Dalilah" is that I always find myself rooting for the outlandish Philistines to triumph over those humorless Hebrews and their One God crapola. Instead, Samson pulls an Osama bin Laden and knocks the temple down on everyone's heads. Is this supposed to be a happy or a sad ending? I've never been able to tell.

5:29 PM  

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