Friday, November 16, 2007

A Look Back

Sorry I've been scarce; my new Retail 'Ho--Ho--Ho job quickly took over my life for awhile there, plus I immediately got sick from the onslaught of germs, no fresh air and the stress of being a newbie. It's going okay, I've made a good first impression, but I am definitely apprehensive about the coming days and weeks!!! Have to work tomorrow 3:15-11:30pm, that's a start of what it's gonna be like.

Anyway, today I am celebrating the two-year anniversary of moving into my new bachelor pad. It's really been a great haven for me-- an excellent move. Quiet neighbors, a beige carpet that's a bitch to keep new-looking but that I've managed to keep my kitties from destroying, just an overall healing vibe for me in here.

This photo was taken the morning I moved from my old place. The only thing I miss is the view of the ocean I had-- but all the other B.S. I had to put up with made it so not worth it. Besides, now I just go down to the ocean and experience it all around me. :-)

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