Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The first of thousands of new Opera pics...

My life is All Opera All the Time these days, interspersed with some rushed art-making, a rushed personal life and the occasional rushed power nap. I must state here that I am grateful to be so busy, with less time to wallow in negativity...

Samson et Dalila is going well, and we're all enjoying running around Gaza in Palestine circa 1150 B.C., wearing our luridly colorful costumes-- which were designed circa 1980 A.D. by a costume designer named Carrie Robbins (I think she might have taken some '80s party drugs before she was set loose in the fabric store).

Pictured here is MOI and a fellow super, Carlos S. who is playing, if you can believe it from his get-up, a Philistine soldier. Ya gotta click on the photo to see details; it's worth it!

ps: changed my Profile Pic also, thanks Mike H.!!!

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