Thursday, September 27, 2007

Help me, St. Francis!

I got this commission to create a 7'-tall version of St. Francis for this religious non-profit organization that advocates for the Homeless...

It's not paying much, but it's a great learning experience and maybe some good exposure. Unfortunately, the job is a bitch technically-- I'm not used to painting this big, and I'm using acrylic on paper. I'm much more used to oils, which are easier to mix and blend. I'm being a hopeless perfectionist and so far I'm less than satisfied with how it's turning out. :-(

I have today to finish the painting part of it. While attempting to let go of the results and of my perfectionism. Just smush paint on paper. (A successful painting class mantra) A friend is lending me his digital camera to document it, and folks: I am buying my own digital camera before the month is over!!!!!

Accompanying Camera-phone pic: Floor-to-ceiling work-in-progress.

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Blogger sfmike said...

Well, it can't be worse than that ugly statue of Father Serra at the rest stop on Highway 280.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Wil said...

Actually, my friend, if you'd stop right here, just "flesh out" the outline of the head with charcoal and do the whole holy penumbra as a suggestion, rather than explicitly, you'd have a Helluva grand icon right now...

5:46 AM  

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