Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In The Heights (and sometimes Depths)

I am obsessing over this musical-- I wish I could fly to NYC and see it! First fell in love with it last year when it won the Tony for Best Musical. I really relate to the New York immigrant dreams and hardships somehow, and I love the Hip Hop/Salsa mix of the music and lyrics.

Sorry I've been scarce, all y'all! BTW, is Blogspot still relevant with Twitter, MySpace and Facebook getting so much attention? I don't know...

I am still a "We" though it's been bumpy. :-/

Painting class ended. It was definitely a challenge to get through it; I may need a break from painting or definitely a different professor or maybe I'm finally ready to try making art on my own.

Hope you all are well, luv Grove/Alb.

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