Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hey, All Y'all

More hot blogging action taking place at GlinkArt4Sale this morning...

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Attention All Lurkers:

Today's blogging action is taking place at GlinkArt4Sale, just one lazy-daisy click away...


Sunday, November 18, 2007


I am a Confirmed Non-Geek, at least when it comes to technical stuff (I'm pretty geeky in other areas.)

My digital camera has menu settings that I've been too lazy up 'til now to figure out. I am now trying to figure them out, in order to get a smaller photo file size without sacrificing too much picture quality.

My kitty Speedo was the unwitting victim of drive-by digital camera shooting, solely for this purpose. You can tell by his expression how thrilled he was.

On a related note, my Canon Powershot SD1000 now has it's own commercial starring a famous female tennis star and a very cute Pomeranian (I think? ) with an Italian accent.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

A Look Back

Sorry I've been scarce; my new Retail 'Ho--Ho--Ho job quickly took over my life for awhile there, plus I immediately got sick from the onslaught of germs, no fresh air and the stress of being a newbie. It's going okay, I've made a good first impression, but I am definitely apprehensive about the coming days and weeks!!! Have to work tomorrow 3:15-11:30pm, that's a start of what it's gonna be like.

Anyway, today I am celebrating the two-year anniversary of moving into my new bachelor pad. It's really been a great haven for me-- an excellent move. Quiet neighbors, a beige carpet that's a bitch to keep new-looking but that I've managed to keep my kitties from destroying, just an overall healing vibe for me in here.

This photo was taken the morning I moved from my old place. The only thing I miss is the view of the ocean I had-- but all the other B.S. I had to put up with made it so not worth it. Besides, now I just go down to the ocean and experience it all around me. :-)

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

NYC/ Queens/ L.I. Tour #7- La Comédie humaine

Imagine my delight in seeing this grand sculpture by Rodin of the writer Honoré de Balzac prominently displayed in the new MoMA's glass-enclosed lobby. After finishing my George Eliot craze, I am currently embarked on a major Balzac-reading phase. Could take the rest of my life, as he's written some 94 novels, not including short stories! Anyway, it was cool seeing this sculpture-- I wish I'd gotten someone to snap a pic with me standing next to it because it's huge.

On the reading front, so far I've gotten through Les Illusions Perdues (Lost Illusions [that title could be the story of my life!]), Le Père Goriot (Father Goriot) and I am now reading La Rabouilleuse (The Black Sheep). I need a copy editor for all this crazy punctuation-- I may be doing it wrong.

Balzac is a MUCH more cynical and jaded writer than Eliot, which took some getting used to at first. His pointed and witty social and psychological observations have completely won me over now. He writes a lot about lives of creativity, excess and theatricality in the city of Paris, and amusing social posturing in the provinces. Plus, there is a lot of very fascinating historical stuff thrown in.

Speaking of La Comédie humaine , there is La Nouvelle Monde de Retail that I am being initiated into! Oy, Oy, OY!!!

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Friday, November 02, 2007

NYC/ Queens/ L.I. Tour #6- Meeting Aunt Nub

At long last, my portrait of the sweet and quirky Aunt Nub (click on her blog here). An interesting and fun Confluence experience: I've had very few in my blogging life. On the Saturday of my week in NY, we met up at Grand Central Station, took a speedy subway ride downtown and roamed around my old neighb, the East Village. We had pizza in a funky little pizzeria on St. Mark's Place.

Aunt Nub gave me a goody bag full of treats and toys for my kitties Speedo and Sunshine, which they are still thoroughly enjoying! Kitty Kaviar, mmmmm, delicious! She and her hubbie Skip are running a pet supply store in her hometown, so that's the reason for the abundant feline surpises! :-)

BTW, Aunt Nub is HEAVILY TATTOOED. I was shocked! Only kidding, she has five tattoos (so far). I had to practically restrain her from getting a sixth one in a sleazy joint on St. Mark's Place. I had no idea she was that kind of girl. Don't let her conservative looks deceive you. She was apparently an out-of-control Punk-Rocker back in the Eighties.

I'm sorry I missed my other East Coast AOL pals on this visit, but don't worry guys, there's always next time, and I totally understand that these things don't always work out-- it was very last minute, I realize.

Still to come: more Art, more Queens...

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

We interrupt this NYC/ Queens/ L.I. Tour...

to bring you some late-breaking news. I just got hired as a P.T. Retail Sales 'Ho, I mean, Associate, at Macy*s, Union Square. I'll be working in the Men's Furnishings department, which means dress shirts, ties, cufflinks and the like.

I am getting ready to provide, as they said during the interview process, OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE. I am getting ready to be super-perky!

OY OY OY!!!!

I am excited but anxious. I haven't slaved for a regular paycheck in many years, but I definitely need the money. Canvases and paints are not cheap, not to mention San Francisco rent.

They put me in that department because a) I got myself all gussied up for the interview and b) because they thought I could bring an artist's eye to helping customers match shirts and ties.

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