Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Smush Paint On Canvas

My painting class starts up again today... I'm going back to my first instructor who I think "got" me more than the others I've had since. I'm heading out to the main Phelan campus as opposed to the more Adult-Ed-oriented Fort Mason campus, so there might be mostly young things in the class.
I'm also trying to work up the nerve to approach this cafe manager to show my work at this cafe in the Castro. The work that hangs there is okay-- not spectacular sometimes, I think my work would look good there but it's a big space and very intimidating to think of filling all the walls and being so public. A good friend is pushing me to make this move.

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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Thanks, everyone!

I really appreciated the sweet comments for the last post. I ended up taking a couple of days of paid bereavement time off from work, even though I wasn't able to get back east for Ellie's funeral. At first I tried to muscle through at work even though I was feeling crappy and it just wasn't a good idea. I was coming close to strangling a customer or two. So finally, a compassionate manager (not my own) suggested I go for the benefit I was entitled to.

I've followed the herd onto Facebook btw; I'm not sure about this-- I prefer the longer format of a blog. Anyway, if you're on that site, you can find me under the name Grove Wiley....