Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Sartorialist

I was noodling around the 'Net looking for content in french and came across this Blogspot blog about Men's Fashion... The Sartorialist. It's a blog filled with photos and commentary on men's, and sometimes women's, fashion on the streets and runways of Paris, Milan and New Yawk. (Why no 'Frisco?!) The blogger is a very handsome photojournalist and sometimes model-- Scott Schuman. It's a great, inspiring blog that makes me want to fly to Milano immediately., and sip a cappuccino at an outdoor cafe while wearing a bespoke suit...

I'm surrounded now by men's fashion 30 hours a week. However, I am in the low-end of the pool of high-end men's fashion. We sell some blazers and suits that are in the $900-$1400 price range (!--pour Moi), but most of our customers wait until they go on sale. And we also have many shoppers scouring the clearance racks for $9.99 bargains (and still asking for more of a discount, oy oy oy!).

At the very least, I now know about proper sleeve length, the difference between a structured and unstructured jacket, and other (useful???) information. This, added to my extensive knowledge of the latest happenings inside the Big Brother House, make me the well-rounded person that you have all come to know and love!

Photo appropriated from "The Sartorialist" blog.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Je parle un peu le francais.

My latest game at work is to try and speak a bit of french to our French customers. At least 75% of the customers I deal with every day are from Europe. It's a part of my job I never expected to have to deal with. Because the dollar is so weak right now, the Europeans are buying like crazy, and they love the Polo brand.

I studied french in h.s. and one semester in college and was pretty into it. Then I visited Paris one year and freaked out at being in a foreign city and getting lost and not being able to be understood easily. (I'm not the best traveller.)

The French customers at the store definitely appreciate hearing a few words in their native tongue, even if they end up speaking english anyway. Their english is usually pretty good. For some reason, the Italians are the ones who often barely speak english-- someone was telling me that their school system is not that great.

I'm currently procrastinating getting started on this little freelance graphics job I have-- just trimming and mounting some stuff. It's going to take all day and I'm not in the mood, but I love the client so I said yes. Arrgh, just get to it, Grove/Alb!

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sunday RE:Ality TV Korner

I don't have to be at work until 12:15pm on Sundays, so I can chill a bit when I wake up.

I am in a state of bliss when Project Runway is in full swing. I luff that show!!!! This past week, Madame Glinka considered whether or not she should purchase Gay Mormon Keith's "T.P. Caught in a Windstorm" dress.

The whole "Holla At Cha Boy" scenelet between Blayne and Tim Gunn reconfirmed my belief that RE:Ality TV has better dialogue than any scripted program on the tube.

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