Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sick Clown

I've been home yesterday and today with a cold and funky fever that's low rather than high. Not the proper state in which to sell merch. It's been very nice having the weekend off even if I feel crummy. There are a million sales associates on the floor on Saturdays and Sundays so no one misses me-- less competition for them.

This is another painting I did last semester, doesn't really have a title. Maybe it should be "Sick Clown" like the title of this post! It's another 3' x 4' canvas, quite imposing.
I'm not sure if anyone would want this hanging over their couch!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latest *Masterpiece*

I completed a couple of large-scale paintings in my most recent painting class which I haven't yet posted in cyberspace... this one is called "Praying Clown" and is 3' x 4'. I was attempting to do something less angsty than my precious images and with a more complex figure. I wanted a spiritual theme.

This morning I submitted some paintings online for a group show that's being held in September-- A hopefully fortuitous conicidence: I have a sweet young neighbor who is connected to the curator who is organizing it. I'm going out tonight to check out this other show connected to the curator and this art venue, Hotel des Artes. The show opening tonight is work from a Chicago-based artist, Ray Noland, dedicated to Barack Obama's campaign. Link here.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dying Brain Cell Alert

Yes indeed, I am still very much into the Re:Ality TV scene... Big Brother 10: what can I say? The license plate veto challenge last night: so sad! Was it edited to make the contestants seem dumb or are they truly dumb? Is that a dumb question?

Where is Janelle when we need her???

pictured: Michelle, channelling her inner Glinka!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun with Solarization

Abundance rules my life: I was given a new hand-me-down computer and fancy-schmancy flat-screen moniter from my pal C.W. last week and it is set up on a computer desk I got from another pal eons ago. It almost makes me want to blog regularly again...

My Retail 'Ho job continues to dominate my life, and my off hours continue to be filled unproductively with Re:Ality TV. Painting is on the back-burner until class starts up again in August, and opera supering is off the radar completely due to my work schedule, booohooo.

Hope you all are well!!!!!! luv, Grove/Alb.

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